SZG-53 Acoustic Grand Piano
Cabinet size: 5'3"   
Black High Gloss Finish
Price: $5995 On Sale Now! $5495*

*Delivery, Setup and Tuning Included!

If you absolutely love the graceful style and sophistication of a grand piano but aren't sure you have the space in your home, this is the piano you've been looking for. Perfectly sized to enhance a cozy living room or adorn a bay window, our exquisite 5' 3" Grand Piano adds an elegant ambiance to any room in your home. Rivaling larger models with its rich, resonant sound, the beautiful 5' 3" cabinet design will bring the joy of music to any home décor. Each carefully handcrafted instrument is built to exacting design specifications with advanced Japanese technology and imported traditional German parts. Discover remarkable beauty and sound, at a remarkably affordable price.

SZG-53 Acoustic Grand Piano
Delivery, Setup and Tuning Included!
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