MDG-330 Mini Grand Digital Piano
Cabinet size: 3'-3"
Finish: Black Hi Gloss
Price: $2299*
*Curbside Delivery Included!

It's More Than Just a Piano

Suzuki introduces a Mini-Grande Digital Piano that's not only beautiful to look at, but fun for the whole family. A powerful musical instrument, the MDG-330 is packed with features that combine technically advanced performance with traditional elegance and hand rubbed lacquer cabinet. Perfectly proportioned, the MDG-330 fits any sized room or décor. Hundreds of prerecorded music files are available to download to set just the right mood.

Technically speaking, the MDG-330 has enhanced performance features not found on any Digital Grand Piano in its price range. A full compliment of hi-tech features allow for endless musical possibilities. Sporting bluetooth compatibility, you can access music, lessons and demonstrations from the internet any way you choose. A true full color LCD control screen makes it easier to organize your selected features. Only the most advanced synthesizers boast 128 note polyphony for incredible full bodied sound. The MDG-330 includes this advanced feature. The piano voice is an amazing 24Mb of powerful sound reproduction played through a 6 way stereo sound system. Create your own original compositions with the on-board 3 track music sequencer. Save and store to the Secure Digital(SD) Memory Card.

The new MDG-330 is a complete entertainment center. It blends perfectly into todays modern living space and lifestyle. Whether you are just starting out or an accomplished musician, the MDG-330 is ready to perform for you. Try one soon and see why you, and your home,
will want one!

MDG-330 Mini Grand Digital Piano
Curbside Delivery Included
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